Aplô Suspension Stripe- Acapulco Blue

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The Aplô lighting concept, designed by Tristan Lohner, bears all the hallmarks of a Fermob product: simplicity, accessibility and creativity. With its sleek styling, it looks like something straight out of a comic book. The light bulb symbolises bright ideas, and this piece is no different. On its own, it’s both the idea and the solution. But it’s much more than just a bulb. It’s a fully fledged, battery-operated light source.

The Aplô H.24 lamp defies classification. It’s a torch, a table or floor lamp, a wall light and a hanging lamp – all in one! Because that’s what the Aplô concept is all about: a single lamp that offers a wealth of lighting solutions. This outdoor lamp comes with a range of optional extras for even greater versatility. And this particular accessory – the hanging strap – is as clever as they come, transforming the wireless lamp into a hanging light in an instant. Perfect for illuminating those dark corners of the garden, or even a walk-in wardrobe!

The Aplô hanging strap is made from grey polyester and measures 30 mm wide. Like other Fermob products, both the polyester strap and the aluminium base are built to withstand outdoor use. But what makes this accessory really clever is the adjustment loop: it’s incredibly easy to use, letting you adjust your hanging lamp to the perfect height. And the Aplô H.24 lamp screws in and out of the base with just a quarter turn. Because nobody likes to be tied down, right?

  • DESIGN: Tristan Lohner
  • SIZES: LENGTH: 102 cm;
  • MATERIAL: aluminium base, polyester strap (grey), with ABS adjustment loop
  • COLORS: Cactus, Honey, Nutmeg, Anthracite, Acapulco Blue, Red Ochre
  • BRAND: Fermob
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