Aplô H24 Outdoor Lamp- Cactus

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The Aplô lighting concept, designed by Tristan Lohner, bears all the hallmarks of a Fermob product: simplicity, accessibility and creativity. With its sleek styling, it looks like something straight out of a comic book. The light bulb symbolises bright ideas, and this piece is no different. On its own, it’s both the idea and the solution. But it’s much more than just a bulb. It’s a fully fledged, battery-operated light source.

Like Fermob’s other portable lighting products, the Aplô H.24 lamp is a mobile piece that comes with a range of versatile accessories. Used alone, it serves as a floor or table lamp, or even a torch. Add the wall light bracket, and it becomes something entirely different! All it takes is a quarter turn to transform Aplô into a wall light (or several wall lights!) for your balcony or corridor. But this lamp is so ingenious – and playful – that you can turn it whichever way you like: upwards or downwards!

  • DESIGN: Tristan Lohner
  • DESIGNER: Tristan Lohner
  • SIZES: Height: 24,5 cm; Diameter Ø: 11,5 cm;
  • MATERIAL: diffuser: Polyethylene; handle: Aluminium
  • COLORS: Cactus, Honey, Nutmeg, Anthracite, Acapulco Blue, Red Ochre
  • ADDITIONAL INFO: available in 6 Fermob colours; 100cm USB cable included Product Made to Order - See Additional Information
  • BRAND: Fermob
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