Fiber Bar Stool with Backrest, Wood Base 65cm - Ochre/ Oak

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The Fiber Bar Stool is the latest addition to the FIBER chair family, which also means it is constructed with the same elegant innovative bio-composite material with up to 25% wood fibers.With the expression that is both comfortable and harmonious, the Fiber Bar Stool is a design with an unobtrusive yet distinct identity. Offered in low and high versions, the latter offered with or without backrest, the Fiber Bar Stool encapsulates the ideals of unpretentious design with a human touch.


  • DESIGNER: Iskos-Berlin
  • SIZES: LENGTH: 44,5 cm; Width: 42,5 cm; Height: 87,5 cm; Seat Height: 65 cm;
  • MATERIAL: Shell consists of an innovative, recyclable composition with plastic and up to 25% pine wood fibers. Base is made of solid oak.
  • COLORS: Black/Black, Grey/Grey, Dusty Green/Dusty Green, Natural White/Oak, Ochre/Oak
  • BRAND: Muuto
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