Fiber Armchair Wood Base - Grey/ Stained Dark Brown

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The Fiber Armchair brings a new perspective to the iconic shell chair. Made in an innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers, The Fiber Armchair has a textured, matte surface and soft, inviting touch. The Fiber Armchair is designed with friendly, embracing curves that provide extensive comfort to its user while taking up little space in tahe room. When viewed from afar, the wood fibers of its shell blend inato the surface for a matte finish yet appear when viewed up-close for a modern sentiment, paired here with the warm materiality of its wooden base.

  • DESIGN: Iskos-Berlin
  • DESIGNER: Iskos-Berlin
  • SIZES: Width: 51 cm; Height: 76.5 cm; Seat Height: 46 cm; Armrest Height: 68 cm; Seat Depth: 58 cm;
  • MATERIAL: shell consists of an innovative, recyclable composition with plastic and up to 25% pine wood fibers
  • COLORS: grey, black, green, white/oak, ochre/ oak, grey/stained dark brown, black/stained dark brown, white/stained dark brown, dusty green/stained dark brown, ochre/stained dark brown
  • BRAND: Muuto
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